The ‘Romantic Things’ blog starts

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Last year, I set myself the goal of building a tool that would make romantic suggestions for me. I have some ideas for sure, but I often found myself wondering if I could be doing more for my lovely wife. Since then I have created an iOS app that will make romantic suggestions, each ‘romantic thing’ has a cost and effort score so you can quickly decide if you want to engage. You can specify how often you get these romantic things and even suggest your own. The app has a few bugs that need to be addressed and then the app will be available in the Apple App Store.

Unlike every other romantic app or website, we’re not asking gender questions. We believe the act of love has no gender, and that a kind, thoughtful act is more important than the gender of the recipient. Without traditional gender roles to complicate the process, the app is great for everyone, especially same-sex couples.

I’ll be keeping you up-to-date on the progress of the app and the podcast that accompanies it.

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