Romantic ideas

I used to believe I knew I had a good handle on romantic gestures, romantic ideas, and romance in general. In fact, for the longest time, my list of romantic ideas only included drinks and dinner/lunch or going to the movie theatre. That might have been enough for me to get through dating, but it was never going to see me through marriage. I would search the internet for ideas, but I never had these ideas close at hand when I truly needed them. I spent time watching romance movies to see if there were any nice ideas from movies.

While the movies usually do a great job portraying the relationship, there’s rarely time spent on the romantic gestures, so my time watching films and TV shows with romance didn’t help me much either. I would spend ten years collecting romantic gestures, things, and ideas, over 480 in total. This collection of romantic things has helped me keep my marriage moving forward. We have our ups and downs like most couples, but with so many varied ways of expressing my love for my wife, I’m confident the relationship and experiences we have together will never be stagnant or stale.

Over the last year, I’ve worked on turning that list of romantic things into an app that anyone can use to improve their relationship. To test the effectiveness of the app, I’ve used it to manage the romantic side of my relationship. You can hear of well that’s progressing on the Romantic Things Podcast.

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