Romantic things to do for your husband

Over the last few years, I’ve created the ultimate collection of romantic things to do with your husband. These romantic gestures are 100% free and are zero or low effort, meaning there’s nothing to stop you from doing them all for your husband! These romantic things are also gender-neutral, so anyone can use them to make their partner happy.

Top 10 simple romantic gestures for any husband

  1. Leave “I love you” notes and hide them somewhere your partner will find them.
  2. Watch the sunset together.
  3. Kiss your husband’s hand every day.
  4. Plan your dream vacation together.
  5. Take a bubble bath together.
  6. Play a few rounds of ‘Would you rather?’
  7. Grab a blanket and some popcorn and spend the night on the couch together.
  8. Hold hands more.
  9. Use YouTube and learn how to give each other a massage
  10. Tell them that you appreciate their love, patience, and understanding

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