Romance for busy people

What’s the most common reason for not being romantic with your partner? Being too busy. There’s little time left for romantic gestures and sharing feelings after a full day of work, looking after the kids, and extracurricular activities. So I’m going to share some simple ways to share your feelings that don’t take hours to complete.

No effort, zero cost displays of affection

The first and most effective method of showing your love is writing short love notes and hiding them in places you know your partner will find them. This gives the partner a pleasant surprise and the joy of reading your message. The great thing with these notes is that you can spend 5 minutes hiding notes, so it takes a few days to find them all. These are always welcomed, but they’re even more effective if the partner is traveling and you hide one or two inside the luggage.

This intimate gesture of love shows your love and commitment to them by kissing their hand every day. I do this for my partner and have done so since before we were married. I can recommend it. It gives us a few seconds of peace where the focus is on each other, not the long list of distractions. Studies have shown that small, regular gestures of love are the secret to a long-lasting relationship.

Let your partner enter the room first. This subtle gesture ensures that your partner, not you, receives atLet your partner enter the room first. This subtle gesture ensures your partner receives attention when entering the room. Of course, your partner might never notice this gesture, which is as it should be. You know they’re the most fantastic person in the world. So let their light shine bright as they enter the room first.

Holding hands in public is another hugely under-estimated romantic gesture. This small act shares love, intention, warmth, and commitment. While holding hands, you’re both aware you’re close physically as you are spiritually. Making love is the only thing that strengthens the relationship more than holding hands. Holding hands is a great way to be close to the one you love while letting them know how you feel.

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